To authenticate using basic authentication, you will need:
1. Obtain a partner id, and partner secret.  Contact orion support to obtain these values.
         Client_id: <integer value>
2. The end users userid/password


Test: Call [GET]
Prod: Call [GET]

Include a Basic authorization header with the userid/pwd base 64 encoded:

Sample Call:

GET /api/v1/security/token 

Authorization: Basic YxxxxxxrxxyIQ== (base64 encoded "uid:pwd")
client_id: 91034 (static, provided by orion)
client_secret: adfjsss-xxxxxdjfa-xxxxxx (static, provided by orion)

returns an "access_token"


The access_token returned by the /token endpoint can then be used for all other api calls.

Authorization: Session <access_token>